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Why Some Foreign Cars Parts are Made or Assembled in the United States


While branded as foreign vehicles, many of today’s cars are in part made or assembled in the United States. This is especially true for a number of well-known, top-selling models. So, why are internationally-branded companies heading to the U.S. for assembly and parts?

One of the obvious reasons is the job market. Car assembly lines account for tens of thousands of American jobs. Honda and Toyota are two of the most popular car manufacturers that have plants in the United States. Another reason is shipping costs. Having part of the car made in the United States cuts down on considerable costs, especially when a high number of Americans buy foreign cars.

While many American consumers want a car that is stamped solely Made in America, they may want to take a look at some of these cars that have parts that were made on home soil. The Honda Odyssey has 78.5 percent of its content made in the United States. Originally designed as a response to the Japanese economic crisis of the 1990s, the car wasn’t manufactured in America until 2005.

It’s assembled in Lincoln, Ala. Honda’s Accord and CR-V were named the sixth and seventh best-selling cars in America in 2015, respectively. Seventy-six percent of each of them are U.S. made. The Honda Pilot, and SUV, was designed to be the largest SUV by Honda to appeal to the American market. Featuring three-row seating, the Pilot features 76 percent of American-made content.

The Toyota Camry tied the Odyssey at 78.5 percent, and ended up being the fourth best-selling car in the United States in 2015. Toyota’s Avalon has 76 percent of its content made in America, and journalists have compared the car to the “Japanese Buick,” Oldsmobiles and Lincolns due to its large size. On the pickup side, the Toyota Tundra originally was planned to be the first North American full-sized pickup to be built by a Japanese manufacturer, but it now is built in San Antonio, Texas, and is the only full-sized pickup to be manufactured in Texas.

Acuras may have a foreign tag, but because of a cross-promotional deal, Acuras were the car of choice for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Marvel’s Avengers franchise. Total U.S. content of an Acura averages 76 percent.

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